March 13, 2018

Spring Break...In the Snow!

March 13, 2018
Big Indian, New York

So for Spring Break this year, Jack swept me off for a ski weekend.  Usually New York skiing is treacherous.  There is so much ice that it makes it a little difficult and it doesn't usually have tons of snow so you are fighting bald patches in the snow.  This three days however, it has snowed constantly leaving us with snow that is reminiscent of Montana!

It's been an absolute dream to ski in.  The cabin that he got us off Airbnb was spectacular and I am hoping we can bring our kids this Christmas to it.

Our view driving up to the cabin

So much snow!

This cabin was huge!

The dining area

Looking into the kitchen from the dining area

The kitchen

It pretty much had everything we needed

Looking up towards the upstairs

The family room

Jack starting a fire with Gnarly's help

Our pack

Look at those gorgeous barn doors!

The living room...or my yoga room!

It was so cozy and bright!

Guest room #1

Going upstairs

Looking down from upstairs

Looking into Guest room #2
Guest room #2

I loved all the windows

Guest room #3

Look at that tub!

My guy in his element!

This was one happy dude

The snow was amazing

Warming up!

The best Spring Break ever!
We spent every night watching movies like Harry Potter and Aliens and every day skiing our hearts out.  It was such a great break!

March 1, 2018

Downton Abby Exhibit in the City

March 1, 2018
New York, New York: Downton Abby Exhibit

Today my friend Stacey and I took the train into the city to see the Downton Abby Exhibit.  It will only be here until the end of the month and then it goes back to London.  Of course I couldn't miss a chance to see Downton Abby!  It would have been perfection if my friends Elaine and Orienna could have been here too.  Elaine and I used to sit in my living room in Germany and binge watch it! Stacey and I had such a great time though and even found a great Irish pub when we were done and drank our weight in Guinness.

Entering the Exhibit

Me & Stacey

Elaine bought some of those bells in England!

Oh all those lovely clothes!  I would love to see people dressing so fancy still. It was such a cool exhibit.